Blind systems are developed to control the horizontal sunlight while penetrating the adequate amount of natural light.
Venetian blind systems are manufactured in a wide range of colors with blinds integrated into double glazing units.
Produced in various combinations of glass, venetian blind systems can be controlled manually or by a motorized remote control. With the advances in technology, blinds used on the surface of the glass are inserted into the panels of glass in order to eliminate the drawbacks of the previous models and make it more practical and durable for the users.


  • Enables the blinds to remain clean and damp-free without any

  • No risk of deformation

  • Ensures high levels of heat and sound insulation

  • The user can control the light and the view

  • Needs no maintenance or cleaning

  • Eliminates the need for curtains in the room

  • Economizes the heating and cooling expenses

  • Adaptable to different types of glasses

  • Guaranteed for discoloration and manufacturing defects